MineVention is a family of many wonderful event day volunteers, but its management team is a small, but hardworking duo. Here is a short biography about them both.


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Lisa has spent the previous 25 years within the Hospitality Sector and Events. Her time spent in managing Conference and Banqueting within the hotels gave her the passion for Events and this is something that she never lost. From running a busy family life with 3 young children she noticed the passion of Minecraft with her son age 9 at the time and decided to run her first event based around the game. This became a hit within hours and as intentionally this was never seen as a long term event, this has taken over the last 4 years of the business. Only now has it taken time to be able to introduce other events into the business and as we currently work on two new events outside of Minevention we look forward to adapting the business and bringing in more opportunities for jobs within Ireland and Europe.


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Simon started his MineVention life in his former guise as the YouTuber "SnakeDoctor" when he was invited by Lisa to the first MineVention back in 2014 along with DanTDM, NettyPlays and Little Lizard Gaming. Before this, he had his own successful print and design company, which he still runs to this day. Simon has been a fixture at every MineVention, either as a YouTuber or organiser, or as both! He scaled back his YouTube career in January 2018 after five successful years, earning over 100,000 subscribers and now focusses the majority of his time combining his knowledge of Minecraft, his graphic design abilities and his organisational skills to help bring MineVention to life!