Ever wondered what a server is? Are your kids interested in learning how to code? Have you ever been concerned about their safety online? Would you like to learn more about how Minecraft is being used in an educational capacity in school curriculums?

These are just some of the topics that can arise when it comes to the educational aspect of Minecraft and we here at MineVention aim to educate attendees on a variety of topics such as these and many more. In 2018 MineVention hosted the very first official Global Mentor meet up for Microsoft Educators in Europe and we also welcomed Sunday Times best-selling author on online safety, Anne McCormack. Over the years we have continuously brought in official educators from Microsoft, coming from all corners of the globe to give educational talks and answer questions. This presence provides a unique opportunity to develop yours and your families understanding of the game and how it can benefit your family’s learning capacities.

The workshops themselves invite attendees to participate in learning more about Minecraft by engaging in practical demonstrations with the educators and of course having fun whilst doing so. This hands on approach to learning from Minecraft leaves lasting impressions with attendees and presents exciting new possibilities for game play and development.